Fitness Training

You are capable of great things!

The local gym can be intimidating, and honestly, annoying. Whether you desire the privacy, want to learn the foundation of strength training, have a physical limitation, or just want special inspiration — you are welcome here. Fitness training can be done virtually or at my private studio.


  • Specializing in weight loss and functional strength training
  • Utilizing free weights, cables, bands, stability balls, TRX Suspension, Pilates, stretching/yoga
  • Careful attention to proper form and safety
  • Goal setting through detailed assessment and measurement
  • Home workout planning, accountability and motivation
  • Nutrition tips and guidelines
  • Senior home training is also available to help you keep moving and feeling energized

Let your journey begin!

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Working with Stephanie is a joy. Coming back from an injury, she is attuned to the incremental steps we need to take to rebuild my strength. She models each exercise for me and watches my form so I’m targeting the correct areas and preventing injury. It’s wonderful to see my strength returning, and I love that she prays over and for me too!