Health Coaching

All coaching sessions are one-on-one in person or virtually

Customized Health & Nutrition

  • Each session is 45 minutes
  • Catered toward your goals, needs and budget
  • Exploration and assessment of habits, nutrition, and lifestyle
  • Assessments, goal setting, time management, and accountability for optimal health
  • Discover health tips, strategies, and science-based guidelines
  • Understand food labels and walk through a grocery/pantry makeover
  • Create your own craving crusher food substitute list to combat your cravings
  • Personal meal planning with easy, quick, and healthy recipes
  • A conduit for change

Make Your Own Medicine

  • A 60-minute session
  • Learn illness and disease prevention
  • Repair existing damage
  • Discover how your body actually makes its own medicine through the pills and skills model of health

Make Health Your Hobby

  • A 60-minute session
  • Build an IRAH (Individual Retirement Account for Health)
  • Explore scientific-based measures that slow down the aging process
  • Learn how to read a label and which ingredients to avoid
  • Improve overall health with healthy eating cycles

Move Waste from Your Waist

  • A 60-minute session
  • Discover one simple test that can evaluate your overall health
  • Explore the best types of exercise to ease pain
  • Heal the body through movement
  • Increase vitality

Live Without Pain and Inflammation

  • A 60-minutes session
  • Gain immense knowledge of the silent killer—Inflammation
  • Learn why we age and how to age well
  • Learn strategies to manage stress and reduce the signs of aging by reducing inflammation

Promises that Don’t Lie – Coming soon

  • A 12-week inspirational journey to set the stage for transformation
  • Includes weekly, 45-minute sessions
  • Utilize health and fitness protocols where goals are set, obstacles are disclosed, and support is the game changer
  • Proclaim Jesus as the source and see lives transformed by His power through devotions, prayer, journaling, exercise, and nutrition
  • Fight to win your battle so you can walk into your purpose

You and your health are important!

Let your journey begin!

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Steph is amazing! I was at such a low when she took me on, but it’s been over 6 months and now my husband says I’ve been “reborn.” There’s always something new, so I am never bored! She accounts for your individual level and any limitations, so you feel safe but challenged at the same time. I don’t know where I’d be without her help. Everyone she works with will be blessed!