How Can I Change Poor Health Habits?

 The first step toward change is identifying reasons why it is important to you. Then, ask yourself these questions: Do I make excuses to not exercise? Do I really know if I eat healthy?  Do I lack commitment? Perhaps you are overwhelmed and confused by the plethora of conflicting health information, therefore; you ignore change. Do you want to prevent disease so you can enjoy your retirement to the fullest?  So how can you change poor health habits into good ones?

Work Smarter, not Harder!

That is sensible. You want to enjoy our life, right? Why settle for mediocre when you can extraordinary! Most people have an area or two needing attention and support so they hire a coach. I have personally discovered that procrastination shows up when I don’t enjoy a task or lack knowledge to move forward. At times, I feel stuck and need support. I decided years ago to work with a life coach to conquer those issues.  And I am so glad I did. I uncovered areas that have impacted my life—that was a smart decision.  I even uncovered surprising areas of strength that elevated my confidence.

What is a Health Coach?

Think of a health coach as your guide on the side. Someone who cares about people. A special motivator. An individual who thrives on helping others live a healthy, fulfilled life. Honest, loyal, and non-judgmental. A positive person who loves teaching others about nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. A good coach is totally hooked on living the best life and desires you to have that too.

It’s a fact that establishing healthy habits require guidance. Health Coaches can provide lifestyle strategies to propel great healthy habits with long lasting results and a happy life. Seldom do doctors have ample time to discuss your concerns in any detail. There are some excellent ones out there, but they fall short with basic nutrition and exercise guidelines. I have heard others say to just eat better and move more. But is that motivating or even helpful? Chronic disease is rising rapidly in America. Many people are looking for help in disease prevention instead of traditional medicine.

Collaboration = Success

Working together with the right health coach should promote action.

▶︎ ASSESS—Your situation. One plan does NOT fit all—you need your own special health assessment so that specific goals can be set. You need your very own health assessment.

▶︎ EXPLORE —Different exercise formats, new lifestyle tips and science-based proven guidelines—not popular ideas. Explore new adventures to enhance fulfillment.

▶︎ LEARN—Proper technique for strength training. Discover how your body makes it’s own medicine. Dissect the misleading food labels and learn  the “Dirty Dozen” ingredients to avoid!   

▶︎ CREATE—Your own delicious new healthy recipe file. Design a food substitute list for those unhealthy favorites so you can crush those unhealthy cravings. Spring clean the junk food with your very own pantry makeover

▶︎ SUCCEED—Consistent action and accountability will propel motivation so you will experience results. A great program tracks your progress taking you to the finish line!

What Others are experiencing on their Health Journey

“A study conducted by the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine revealed that individuals who received three months of health coaching experienced significant improvements in body weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, triglycerides, and cardiovascular fitness.” (Dr. Sears Wellness Institute)

My clients have expressed that they feel their body changing, have more energy, and even sleep better. “Steph is amazing! I was at such a low when she took me on, but it’s been over 6 months and now my husband says I’ve been “reborn.” There’s always something new, so I am never bored! She accounts for your individual level and any limitations, so you feel safe but challenged at the same time. I don’t know where I’d be without her help. Everyone she works with will be blessed!” (Jonica)

Take Your Next Step to Healthy Habit Change

 Why not you? You are worth it! It truly is possible to transform poor health habits. Allow me to be your conduit to change. Helping you get healthier, stronger, and happier. Discover any missing links in your lifestyle so you can change those poor health habits once and for all, and live the life you have dreamed of.