How to Cultivate your Life

Spring has sprung! In many states flowers have bloomed and gardens have grown. Have you wondered why maybe you have not? Are you feeling like a withered sunflower lacking joy, delight, and hope? At times it appears that everyone around us is flourishing in their health, careers and relationships. Our mind can get so bogged down with the same old worries and issues. I encourage you to believe that great things are in store for you too. You can even thrive in the midst of turmoil when you cultivate your life like an experienced gardener. It is time to prepare the soil, pick the weeds, and harvest an abundance!

 Here you’ll find motivation and a roadmap to cultivate your life:

  • Assess and Prepare

  • Discover areas that are killing your motivation

  • Learn tips and best practices

  • Be challenged and encouraged to endure

What is the Meaning of Cultivating?

Cultivating is a process of planning and preparation in order for a future harvest to take place. As you begin to cultivate your life, think of a gardener tilling the ground and enriching the soil with minerals to prepare for planting. Next is deciding what to grow with a specific care routine of watering, feeding, and weeding that will prompt growth. And finally, after the hard work has been complete, the exciting anticipation for the harvest becomes real. Now, imagine your role as the gardener of your life. You too must cultivate your life so you too can grow and become all you’ve hoped for. This is the development of a healthy mindset that takes time. This process will dig into self-awareness. If you want to cultivate your life, then you must embrace your weaknesses and be open to developing strong character. This process is built on perseverance through the storms, disappointments and pain. Is this a simple process? No, but if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

Why Cultivate your Life? 

  • New habits can be established driving transformation

  • Joy and fulfillment

  • Relationships are enriched

Read on so you can discover steps to cultivate the life that you deserve!

Steps to Cultivate your Life

1. Till the Soil

The first step to cultivate your life begins with the soil. It’s your foundational  plan. And a smart gardener will break up the ground and analyze the soil. The gardener is a planner and strategic thinker with a timeline. His or her desire to grow plants is driven by the future harvest. Sometimes it’s tempting to rush the plan. We all want fast results, but taking shortcuts can send us back further. I love gardens, especially Tower Gardens like the one in the photo. They do not require much care and grow 3 times faster than traditional gardens. My husband laughed when I told him I was going to grow one, because I have killed basil plants many times in the past. But this garden does not require soil and waters itself! Sounds magical, doesn’t it?  So when you think of your goals and dreams, be sure to have a good plan like a traditional gardener. One way to till the soil is to pinpoint why it is important to you, Not for someone else, just you! Discovering your strong “why” will drive transformation to fruition.

2. Pick the Weeds

Next step is really important. I slack at keeping up with the weeds that threaten to kill my shrubs and flowers during the hot summer months, so I ask for help. As I navigate my life journey, I have learned to seek the master gardener, Jesus. There have been times when I couldn’t see the weeds in my life, but once I gave Him full permission to prune and weed out my junk so to speak, things changed radically. So what needs to go for you? This is where self-assessment comes in. You may have to dig deep to get the weeds out. Reflection and prayer will bring clarity to areas that are blocking your growth so you can cultivate your life. This is possible for you.

3. Nurture your Garden

And lastly, a continuous care plan will complete the cultivating process. When we follow directions carefully, we typically experience success. Right? Try daily Bible reading and meditation that provides peace, direction, strength and perseverance for your life. As you pray, God will help you achieve your goals and overcome life’s challenges. Attending church, aligning with a counselor or a coach is another helpful way to nurture your plan. It would be my honor to help nurture your journey together.

The Finishing Touch to Cultivate your Life 

Keeping all the steps in healthy balance is a struggle for many. Let’s face it—the bugs show up on the plants, and the gardener must take action. This may require reaching out to an expert to ensure that all aspects are attended to. For example, the mineral or ph balance of the soil could be way off. Same goes with us, we may need a check and balance care system for our physical, spiritual, and emotional health. This is where the master expert gardener comes in with loving care to meet all our needs and redirect our path. He knows you best, and in fact has a master plan for your life.

“May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.”

Remember to keep your “why” hidden in your heart so that you can persevere and achieve all you set out to do.

I would like to impart one final thought on how to cultivate your life for the long-term.  If you live to satisfy only yourself, then you will continue to wither away. We can get lost in our own little world. So at your time of desperate need, the best advice is go and help someone whose “garden” is in greater need than your own. You just may be surprised by what shows up to bless you and propel you toward your dreams. A beautiful harvest awaits.