Why I Chose Juice Plus+

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

With age comes wisdom, but also responsibility to care for sick family members. Unfortunately, statistics show disease on the rise in all ages with heart disease leading the polls. You just don’t know what life will bring, but you sure can plan better for your health. At some point we may face grueling seasons where lifeless days turn into years. It all started just a year after losing my father to heart disease. Soon thereafter, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with a fatal brain disease, and I became her caregiver.

My energy was zapped, and my cup was empty. -Stephanie

Wait, There’s More

The horrible news of my daughter’s diagnosis with a digestive disease haunted me. Disease? Can’t be. I desperately searched for answers, medications, books, doctor visits, diets, remedies, supplements—all with too many conflicting answers while my daughter suffered 650 miles away in her college dorm. Anxiety heightened and hope dwindled. I longed for her healing, her phone call with a smile of relief, a good day. My mind wrestled, but my heart still cried out for a breakthrough. It has to be possible.

Here We Go Again

Two months forward my mom was rushed to the ER. I desperately attempted to fix everything. I lost myself and was struggling physically and emotionally. My fitness business dwindled in the shuffle of it all while discouragement swept over me. Sleepless nights, back ache, sinus infection, and extreme dry eyes … I was a hot mess!

A Glimpse of Hope: Juice Plus+

Dismayed and longing for change, I walked into my doctor’s office. She empathetically inquired. I nearly broke out in tears. She then asked me a random question, “Are you eating 9-13 servings of fruit and vegetables every day?” Ah, who does? She then recommended Juice Plus+ to me.

So Here is the Logic on Why I Chose Juice Plus+:

  • A variety of 30 different fruit & veggies in a capsule—how brilliant!
  • The highest quality fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, grains, and oils.
  • The #1 researched nutritional product in the world! Just ask Siri.
  • Over 27 years of gold standard clinical research by leading institutions around the world.
  • Integrity. Supported by more than 42 independent, peer-reviewed scientific publications.
  • Proven to have a positive impact on your health in a variety of ways.
  • Latest research shows synthetic vitamins have little to no effect on our body.
  • We have a whole food deficiency today–contaminants run rapid in our soil.
  • Certified by the public health and safety company NSF. This independent testing ensures products meet and exceed strict guidelines for safety and quality.

Juice Plus+ Mother Nature Needs No Hype

Here’s the deal, God designed our bodies to thrive on whole foods, not processed junk food. Researchers at Tufts University made the case that subsidized fruits and vegetables could prevent millions of cases of chronic diseases.

Prescribing fruits and veggies would save $100 billion in medical costs. (Well To Do, March 21, 2019)

It made sense to me. I knew I needed to bridge the gap as I could not possibly eat 13 servings a day. Who could?

Hope on the Horizon

Five months forward, I was sleeping better, my energy increased, and I threw out my eyedrops! I also pushed through allergy season without a sinus infection. Ten months in my cholesterol dropped 26 points, and my hair stylist was shocked at the thickness of my hair.


With deep sadness my mom and mother-in-law passed away before Christmas. I only wish I had known about Juice Plus+ for my family sooner. It truly is an impactful gift of health. December 26, 2020 marks a special birthday. A friend shared the Juice Plus+ business with me; oh, what a Godsend!

Juice Plus+ welcomed a uniquely positive community of inspiration and ongoing, top-notch health education. The more I learned, the more I had to share. I bought it for my entire family. It was the best birthday gift ever, and the icing on the cake is that my daughter’s health has improved—feeling the best she has in over three years.

I would love to share this gift with you, how could I not? -Stephanie